A New Radio Drama Adventure


Danbr & Burke - Toothy Grins will be an audio drama. It’ll have a full cast, music and sound effects.

It will play out over eleven twenty-minute episodes and will be available on all the big streaming platforms and places where you might buy audiobooks. The first episode will be free everywhere. I intend to have it played, in some capacity, over the radio somewhere.


Three years ago, Danbr Blick visited his sister and her friend at university. They decided to watch a movie. The movie ends and his sister is gone. Poof. Nowhere. Their family is baffled. The police are baffled. Everyone is baffled. It's as if she vanished into thin air.

Later on, Danbr meets a strange creature named Burke. Burke’s entire body is a small cloud of dark mist wrapped in a tattered old scarf. He says that he is what is known as a gefrot. (Jeh-FRO) He also lets Danbr in on a big secret:

If you've ever gotten a cut you don't remember getting, there's a good chance you've been nipped by a gefrot. They don't drink your blood, though. They’re only interested in your memories. Specifically, any memories you have of supernatural, otherworldly weirdness.

Burke himself seems nice enough, though.

Danbr reckons that he DID witness what happened to his sister, but had the memory eaten out of him. He decides to finally find out what happened to her once and for all.

During their adventures, Danbr and Burke encounter a beautiful songstress, a half-human-half-cactus who likes to punch people, a horrible creature cursed beyond the farthest reaches of hell, an evil dentist, and more!


This being the passion project of a poor person, I can’t promise much money. What I can promise is a laid-back production, a flexible schedule, and an interesting portfolio piece. That out of the way:

I need actors!

Specifically voice actors. I need at least one girl who can sing, one male scottish accent, and a few people who can do multiple voices would be nice.

I need composers!

Besides a short theme song and a couple short background tracks, the show also needs a few songs. They don’t need to have words, but they should convey a mood. On that note:

I need musicians!

Definitely one guitarist, and depending on what the composer has in mind, maybe more. But I will sway the composer if you are an interested musician, so don’t be afraid to email me!

I need a recording space!

This is tricky. We don’t have much money for this project, but we’d need to spend a fair amount of time recording.

We could do our rehearsing elsewhere, but if anyone had a space they could lend, that would be incredible. It doesn’t have to be a studio; if you have an office or a basement or any space that’s relatively soundproof, please let me know!

I (would like) radio stations to play it!

This is much less a “right now” issue, but if you’re part of a radio station of any kind, you’ve heard a bit of it once it’s completed, and you think it might be an interesting thing to fill a hole in your programming with, let me know so I can keep you informed on it’s progress!

I (would also like) storefronts to sell it!

After it plays on radio stations, I would like very much to sell it in some capacity. Digital channels like Audible, iTunes and Spotify are a given, but I would also like to release a physical version. It’ll will probably be crowdfunded and after-the-fact, but if you’d like to put up a few copies in your store or booth, that’d be great!


If you want to be a part of this project, or you have any questions or advice, reach me at: